Welcome to Peter Lynch Earning Graph of Indian Stocks

Points to be noted.

According to PETER LYNCH, one should consider buying a stock if the price is below earnings line and avoid buying it if the price is above earnings line.

Earnings Line

I've taken Diluted EPS, multiplied with Fair Value: PE If Assessed or 15. If the price is below that number we should consider buying and sell it when moves up past of (EPS * FairValue).

Price Line

Stock Price after 2 months of Annual result published.

Formula Used

(Fair Value * Diluted Earnings Per Share)

  • FYI, this app is not working with the live data. So, please keep some patience. Because it takes a lot of effort to collect data from different sources.
  • I'm trying to fine tune this chart with help of fab minds around me.
  • Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  • It will help to fine tune the numbers further.
  • This graph is just for Educational Purpose, One should not simply consider this chart to buy and sell stocks.

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